TIIC 2016 North America: Smart Cycle

University: Rice University
Team Members: Raul Martinez,  Charlie G, Teddy Hickman, Cesar Udave, Xiaohuan Xian,Fernando Barajas 
TI Parts Used:

  • Tiva C TM4C123GH6PM
  • DRV5033 Hall Effect Sensor
  • INA219 Voltage/Power Monitor

Project Description

This project spawn out of a desire by a RC cycle racing hobbyist for more information to improve the performance of their vehicle during races since in the racing world a second can be the difference between a victory and defeat. 

A Rice University Senior Project. The goal of our project was the first year iteration of a project to make a smart/autonomous 2 wheeled vehicle. We have retrofitted a 1/4 to scale RC cycle with a variety of sensors along with designing a counter weight system that helps stabilize the cycle. Autonomy and smart technology has not yet come to the RC cycle world so we decided to give cycle hobbyists a taste of what autonomy has in store for them.

Using a custom made PCB with a TI microcontroller we interface with variety of sensors and and wirelessly send back to the user intelligent information about their cycle. Simple use the bike as normal and connect your laptop with the wireless module and see on the user's terminal the speed, lean angle and battery life remaining of the cycle. Then you can take out the SD card out of the cycle and further analyze the movements of the cycle through the run as all readings are saved to a connected SD card.

More Info

  • Our smart cycle wirelessly provides real time sensor readings to the user
  • Bosch 9 axis sensor to determine absolute orientation 
  • High sensor resolution 
  • Very Accurate speed reading of cycle
  • Low Battery life indicator
  • 35 mph max speed
  • Use of TI-Real Time Operating system
  • 20+ minutes of run time
  • Custom PCB TI powered micro-controller

  • TI Project Report
  • Class Report
  • Bill of Materials
  • Code (On Github)

User's Guide

Please see the attached class report and below video.