TIIC 2016 North America: PV inverter with low EMI

University: National Center for Research and Technological Development
Team Members: Carlos Correa
TI Parts Used:

  • TMS320F28335
  • DCP021515P
  • LM7815C

Project Description

Nowadays, environmental problems due to the use of hydrocarbons for energy generation, such as air and water pollution, and greenhouse effect, are raising awareness in society about sustainability. Several researchers and governments agencies have proposed new ways and method to be more eco-friendly when meeting the society energy requirements. These methods are based on using renewable energies more significantly, since less harmful effects and pollution is generated by reducing oil burning.


The sun is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy, available all over the world. In this context PV systems are an option to satisfy the energy needs of a growing society. Typically, a PV system consist of an array of solar modules, which convert the solar energy into electric power, and a power converter stage, which is responsible for converting the available energy for use.


An inverter it is required to convert the DC energy supplied by the PV modules, all the converted energy is injected to the grid for use by anyone. According to the IEEE 929 and IEC61727 standards, the inverter THD must be under 5%. Therefore a PV inverter with low EMI is implemented. Several TI devices were used in order to control the power converter.

  • PV System
  • Intearleaving Technique is used
  • Low EMI


Please refer to the attached report template

User's Guide

Please see the report template for information on how to use the inverter.