TIIC 2016 North America: ROTATOR - A Multi-Dimensional Display

University: University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Team Members: Juan Carlos Román, Stephanie Delgado
TI Parts Used:

  • AM3358
  • DRV5013
  • LMZ14203
  • SN65LVDS391
  • SN65LVDT34
  • SN74LVC2T45
  • LMZ12010
  • LP2950-33LPRE3
  • LMZ14203
  • WL1835MOD
  • TXS0108E
  • TIR1000

Project Description

Few people understand the different skills required to become a computer engineer. This lack of knowledge of what the field is about extends to pre-college students. Often, engineering is not even considered in the future career options of the students. For this reason, University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, provides conferences, summer camps and many other activities in order to attract students to engineering field. Dean of engineering, Dr. Manuel Jimenez, wanted to demonstrate a visual prototype that reveals engineering skills. This objective originated the idea of using persistence of vision through moving lights. Finally, a solution was developed: A large mechanical rotating device that creates images and animations. Users can access it through a web application for: writing a text, upload an image, select a predefined image, or upload an animation to the display. Final deliverable consists in a mechanical device composed by a base that supports a four feet rotational assembly, rotational mechanical assembly, and a frame that holds above the rotating part. Also, all the circuitry needed to power the LED’s and speed control.

The device itself is rather simple in terms of understanding the module interactions. We have a web-interface which is served by the BeagleBone MCU. The device does one of three things, it lets the user send a text string to the device via text box, which is then turned into an image by the image processing software; it lets the user browse for an image in their device and copy the image into the BeagleBone Black’s inner file system, so it can be read by the image processing software, and subsequently displayed by the LEDs; and finally, the device has a simpler “Demo Mode” functionality which lets you change the displayed image among pre-saved images in the device. This Demo Mode functionality is also provided by an LCD microcontroller which also displays the currently selected image whilst in this mode via this particular interface’s input.

  • Machine capable of rotating LEDs to achieve POV effect
  • POV display is 4ft tall
  • A microcontroller based system inside the rotating assembly
  • MCU drives SPI channels compatible with APA102 Serialized RGB Strips
  • Web application as user interface
  • Files can be uploaded and stored in MCU
  • Compatible with most common image and animation file formats
  • Powered from Mains Electricity
  • Motor speed controlled by MCU

Additional project resources are  uploaded to this projects zip file and also available on a "One Drive" folder here. Some of the available files include:
  • Project Report
  • Schematics
  • BOMs
  • CAD Drawings
  • Photos
  • Videos