Innovation Challenge: Europe

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The Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge (TIIC) – Europe Design Contest is a student competition, open for European universities (undergraduates and postgraduates). How can you solve today’s challenges with electronic solutions using your analog and embedded processing skills? Learn whilst working on a systems-level project!

After receiving a record number of project submissions, the first round of judging is now over and we are pleased to announce the Top 20 projects (in alphabetical order) that made it to the next stage and which will each be awarded with a cash prize of US$ 1,000!

 Top 20 Projects


Keep posted! The Top 4 teams will be published before the 31st October 2015 and will be invited to the TIIC 2015 Award Ceremony taking place at a great venue, the BMW Welt in Munich (Germany), on Tuesday, November 3rd 2015.

A big thank you to all the teams for the hard work and creativity! We look forward to seeing you participate again in next year’s competition with new ideas and projects!

What you can win

First Round: In the first round there will be twenty winning teams. Each of these teams will be awarded a cash prize of US$ 1,000. These twenty winning teams will progress to the second round.

Second Round: In the second round there will be four winning teams of the contest.

The TOP 4 team prizes will be awarded as follows:

    First place: US$ 10,000
Second place: US$ 5,000
Third place: US$ 2,500
Fourth place: US$ 2,500

All registered teams will also be eligible to receive $100 of tools by submitting a tool request through the TI IC Europe Portal.

*Note: All cash prizes will be paid to the team leader of each winning team.


The contest is held in English and all relevant information, including the registration form, is provided in English. All reports must be written and submitted in English.

Project designs must incorporate a minimum of three different Texas Instruments integrated circuits (ICs): either three analog ICs or two analog ICs and a TI processor. The TI processor must be chosen from one of the following: Microcontrollers (MSP430, Stellaris ARM Cortex M3/M4, C2000), OMAP, MPU or DSP. Please note that one processor, which includes two analog ICs does not count towards the requirement of three different ICs.

Analog ICs can be chosen from the following categories:

  • Amplifiers
  • Clocks and Timers
  • Comparators
  • Data Converters
  • Interface devices
  • Power Management devices
  • RF devices
  • Switches
  • Temperature sensors

Other ICs may be incorporated into the design, but only those ICs in the categories above will be counted toward the IC requirement during assessment.

A list of tools which were popular in previous editions of the contest and other student projects as well as information on how to obtain ICs can be found here

Who can enter?

The contest is open to teams of between 2-5 members aged eighteen years of age or older who are registered engineering students (Undergraduate, Master and PhD) at a University in one of the participating countries listed below. All teams must nominate a team leader and have an advising professor to supervise their project. Students can only register for the contest in one team per year.

Participating Countries:

  • All EU Countries
  • Algeria
  • Belarus
  • Croatia
  • Ghana
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Macedonia
  • Morocco
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Deadlines and important dates

Registration deadline:
(To register, the team leader should access the TI IC Europe Portal.)

23:59 (GMT) on 28th February 2015

Tools request deadline:
(Tool requests must be submitted by the team leader through the TI IC Europe Portal.)

23:59 (GMT) on 30th April 2015

Report submission deadline:
(Reports must be submitted by the team leader through the TI IC Europe Portal.)

23:59 (GMT) on 31st July 2015

First round winners announced by:

30th September 2015

Second round winners announced by:

31st October 2015

  • Our Recommended Tools page lists common IC types used in student projects and suggests some good general-purpose options.
  • Looking for design inspiration? Browse our student project repository and rate your favorite project!
  • Need tech support? Post your question on one of many forums devoted to analog topics on our E2E community web site.
  • Have questions about the contest? Email us at

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