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Linux/DRA746: Can't use four cam in PSDKLA 3.02(DRA7XX EVM BOARD), only the cam1 (VIP1 Slice0 PortA, video1 )can work.

Part Number: DRA746

Tool/software: Linux


I want do some test case with four cameras in PSDKLA 3.02(DRA7XX EVM BOARD + VISION APP BOARD),  and when i connected four cameras to board, there was four devices registered "/dev/video1/2/3/4", but  when i run dmabuftest to test the vip, there  only /dev/video1(VIP1 slice0 port A) can work, the other three vip port does't  get interrupt worked.

The mapping between all LVDS cameras and J6's VIP Port as below:

       cam1 0x38 0x74 0x60 Vin1a(VIP1 slice0 port A)
        cam2 0x39 0x75 0x64 Vin2a(VIP1 slice1 port A)
        cam3 0x3A 0x76 0x68 Vin3a(VIP2 slice0 port A)
        cam4 0x3B 0x77 0x6C Vin5a(VIP3 slice0 port A)

And the tisdk-rootfs-image-dra7xx-evm.tar.xz and boot-dra7xx-evm.tar.gz  which i use, was download from this pase:


What  should i do to get four cameras works on PSDK3.02?

PS:When i  connected four cameras to the board, it was easy to get one camera's sensor burnt.

But when i only connected three cameras to the board, there will all  get interrupted in each connected  vip port.