Linux/DRA745: memory leak when do animation

Part Number: DRA745

Tool/software: Linux

Dear Android (6AM.1.X) expert,

This issue was found on DRA745 running Andoird 6AM.1.2.

When do scaling and transparency changes for two imageviews to show an animation. The memory consumption of the application keep increasing at speed about 15MB per hour.

This might not be memory leak in our code as it's quite a simple one and we have check it carefully.

We doubt it may caused by graphich related HAL or PVR driver.

We also install our application to on DRA7XX_EVM board runing pure 6AM.1.3 prebuilt image from TI website. This issue still happened.

However, this doesn't happened on 6AL.1.2.

So please Android/Dra7xx expert familarly 6AM.1.X help us fixing this issue.


Li Guangyu

Software engineer from Singulato auto

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