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TDA3: Improve the operation speed of the vision algorithm

Part Number: TDA3


Other than EDMA,Cache, is there any other method to improve the operation speed of the vision algorithm? Thanks

Xu Wei

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  • Hi Xu Wei,

    I have forwarded your question to algorithms expert.

  • Hi,

    For which target you are talking about?

    On TDA3x, we have EVE and DSP both programmable processors to accelerate vision algorithms. Using EDMA and cache appropriately is very important to get the best performance but apart from that one can optimize the code for the given processor (DSP/EVE) by using the specialized instructions offered by the processor. You can make loops in your code, restructure the code to make it more friendly for vector cores and other core-specific optimizations can be applied. I would suggest you to go through below training material

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