AM3517 - Do NEON optimized MPEG1, Layer2 Audio encoders exist


We have a customer looking for MPEG1, Layer 2 audio encoders for the AM3517 that are optimized for the NEON co-processor.  I pointed them to the FFMPEG encoders (ffenc_mp2 in particluar). 

The customer doesn't believe these use NEON, can someone please clarify?  

As I read this from (, I think they are NEON optimized:

“Open Source FFMpeg Codecs

FFmpeg is an open source project which provides a
cross platform multimedia solution.

  • Free
         audio and video decoder/encoder code licensed under GPLv2+ (GPLv3 license codecs can be build separately)
  • A comprehensive suite of standard compliant multimedia codecs

- Audio

- Video

- Image

- Speech

  • Codec
         software package
  • Codec
         libraries with standard C based API
  • Audio/Video
         parsers that support popular multimedia content
  • Use
         of SIMD/NEON instructions cortex-A8 neon architecture
  • Neon
         provides 1.6x-2.5x performance on complex video codecs

Can someone clarify whether these codecs are NEON optimized?  If they aren't, is there a source for MPEG1, Layer2 audio encoders that are?  Thank you very much?