I/O Set Violation is always occurred when mmc0_sdcd "SD Card Detect" pin is selected.

 On pinMuxTool v2.3.1.0,  "I/O set Violation on MISC" is always occurred, when mmc0_sdcd pin is selected on AM335xZCZ.   mmc0_sdcd are assigned three pins, "A13, "C15","M17", but same phenomena are observed on all pins.   I think this pin mux tools are wrong.   Could you please check this tool?   If yes, we can not use mmc_sdcd function.
 Also, I seem that mmc_sdcd/mmc_sdwp on all slots are also same situation.  Could you please check it?
P.S. On pinMuxTool v2.2.1.0 (old version), I have not observed this phenomena yet.
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  • The Pin Mux Utility should not be reporting an IO Set Violation for any of the MMC[X]_SDCD or MMC[X]_SDWP signals.  These signals are asynchronous inputs that do not have timing relationship to other signals.

    We will try to determine why this is happening and fix it.


  • In reply to peaves:

    We found the problem and this will be fixed in the next release of the Pin Mux Utility.  Hopefully, the new version will be available in about one week.