Sitara Processor Selection

I am looking for a Sitara processor (specifically the minimum core speed of the processor) per the recommendation found in this thread on ARM equivalents to the C2000.  Below is a reiteration of my requirements.  If it matters, I intend on developing my own firmware in C/C++, but I am considering using Android or Linux.

I am attempting to interface with the following in as near real time as possible:
- Sample an ADS62P25 at as near full speed as possible
- Output 24 Bits of data to a 480X272 TFT LCD at 9.2MHz

The following will also need to be interfaced with but on an as needed basis:
- Store sampled values to FLASH memory by whatever method is available (minimum of SPI)
- Control frequency output of Clock Generator (initial configuration via I2C at startup)
- Control frequency output of Waveform generator (Analog AD9853) via SPI
- Control amplitude of waveform generator by digital potentiometer (Maxim MAX5481) via SPI
- Configure ADS62P25 via SPI
- Control Scaling and Coupling of Analog Front End (Solid State Relays and 2:4 Multiplexers)
- Sample battery voltage by whatever method I find easiest (Fuel Gauge IC, ADC, etc)

Please note, in order to get multiple SPI devices on one bus, I am utilizing a 1:8 Multiplexer as well for the chip select.