TMDXICE3359 boot application from SPI flash

Hello all,

I have a TMDXICE 3359 hardware , CCS and SYSBIOS Industrial SDK

My first try is using the I2C_LED example from SDK , modify the LED rotation speed and LOAD / RUN the I2C_LED.OUT.   no problem , works

First problem , no BIN file was generates. reinstall CSS with CORTEX M MCU support solves this problem.

Now i want to put the new I2C_LED.BIN in SPI Memory and boot from SPI.

Getting Started guide says : write bootloader and application to SPI and reboot the device

                                        start SPI_flashing_tool  and enter the filename to flash when promted.

But when i LOAD / RUN  SPI_flashing_tool.out  no promt appears ?

And where can i found the bootloader.bin