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TMDXICE3359 boot application from SPI flash

Hello all,

I have a TMDXICE 3359 hardware , CCS and SYSBIOS Industrial SDK

My first try is using the I2C_LED example from SDK , modify the LED rotation speed and LOAD / RUN the I2C_LED.OUT.   no problem , works

First problem , no BIN file was generates. reinstall CSS with CORTEX M MCU support solves this problem.

Now i want to put the new I2C_LED.BIN in SPI Memory and boot from SPI.

Getting Started guide says : write bootloader and application to SPI and reboot the device

                                        start SPI_flashing_tool  and enter the filename to flash when promted.

But when i LOAD / RUN  SPI_flashing_tool.out  no promt appears ?

And where can i found the bootloader.bin




  • Rolf,

    did your board start blinking when you switched it on the first time? It should have... Boards should be shipped with boot loader and test application in SPI flash.

    You only need to overwrite the application. The flasher tool output should show up in one of the console views of CCS. Maybe it is hidden somehow?

    Alternatively you could copy your bin file (not the SPI.bin) to uSDcard (rename it to 'app'). Insert the card and reset. This should boot your app. The default boot loader checks for 'app' in uSD first and boots it if found.


  • In reply to Frank Walzer:

    Hello Frank

    my board do not blink after switch on , i think i have cleared the SPI flash with one of my trys.

    So i need to put a new bootloader and my app in the SPI flash. But where can i found the bootloader ?

    I can not found the flasher tool output in any CCS console. any idea ?


  • In reply to rolf horstmann:

    Assuming you are using the on-board emulation using the USB cable...

    Make sure your program is really running. We still see issues that the programs do not start the first time after loading. They should got to main() and stop there instead it keeps showing 'Running' state. Now if you stop it ends somewhere in ROM space.

    Make sure you do:

    • connect target
    • Run/Reset/CPU reset HW
    • Run EVM init script
    • load program

    If it doesn't go to main first time, try a reload or or restart operation from CCS. Once you see it stop at main you can run and should see the flasher output. If not you need to go and single step to see where the tool fails.

    Hope this helps.

  • In reply to Frank Walzer:

    I believe you already have downloaded pre-built binaries. pre-built binaries includes boot loader for IDK and ICE. In case if you do not have it, you can get it from the following link.


    One point to add to frank's,

    Once the program is loaded, it will be in running state. Just "Suspend" (Run->suspend) and then do a "re-start" (Run->Restart). It will bring the control to main. Once the control comes to main, resume (Run->resume) it and you will see instructions in console (View->Console).

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    Hello Frank

    following your instructions i get the following:

    after starting SPI_flashing_tool i do RESTART  and  RESUME

    Console: Enter File Name   C:\I2C_LED.BIN

    Console: Enter Offset in Bytes ( in Hex )    20000  ( or is it 0x20000 ) ?

    Console: Load .BIN file to 0x80100000 and enter 0 to continue

                      TOOLS / Load Memory    Enter my Filename and 0x80100000 ( or only 80100000 ) in Adress Field and 32 bits in Type size field then finish

                      wait for loading the programm

    Console: 0 Enter

    some messages from the Flashprogrammer appear last are veryfy & Success

    but after power off & on nothing happens only one green LED is on

    maybe i have destroyed the bootloader in some way

    can you tell my where i found the bootloader.BIN ?



  • In reply to Shahid AC:

    Hello Shahid AC

    i can not found any *.BIN file in SDK ?

    any other idea ?

  • In reply to rolf horstmann:

    Binaries are provided in a separate download. See the web page for the SDK once more...

    There is a zip that also includes the bootloaders.


  • In reply to rolf horstmann:

    rolf horstmann

    some messages from the Flashprogrammer appear last are veryfy & Success

    So it seems something was flashed... either you need to flash the boot loader too or you wrote the wrong data. Maybe you try to flash a binary from the pre-build package first to check if the process works at all. There is still a chance something is wrong in your build.

    You may also try to debug the boot process and see where it fails. This is advanced CCS use...


  • In reply to Frank Walzer:

    thanks for the support

    with the prebuild BOOT and APP it works.



  • In reply to rolf horstmann:

    Can someone explain how to generate the binary files with the post_build.bat ?

    Particulary param one and two.