Undefined includes


I am trying to rebuild my application for 3517 based on the latest sdk 5.04.

When compiling I get the following :

In file included from /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/asm/system.h:153:0,
                 from /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/asm/bitops.h:27,
                 from /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/linux/bitops.h:22,
                 from /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/linux/kernel.h:17,
                 from RTCdrv.c:31:
/usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/asm/memory.h:18:25: fatal error: mach/memory.h: No such file or directory

In the sdk include I made a symlink asm pointing to /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/arch/arm/include/asm.

Do I need to do something simular for mach?

If I add an include path to /usr/local/ti-sdk-am3517-evm/board-support/linux-2.6.37-psp04.02.00.07.sdk/include/asm this one is gone however then I get the error that plat/memory is not found.

There for I am wondering if I missed something when generating the kernel. I did a sudo make on the sdk root.

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