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USB issues

Hi I recently bought a Beaglebone, I am student  learning about embedded electronics and i figured the beaglebone would be a great place to start. it was small, has ethernet and usb on board on top of a ton of IO. Well seeing how i had some usb devices I figured i could put together something really cool with my usb bluetooth dongle and usb camera. I first connected my camera and started to see if i can capture data from it, to my disappointment i could not I was getting select timeout errors from the video camera interface module. So after googling I found out there is a bug in the usb stack that seemed like data intensive devices might be an issue with kernel. So  i decided to try my bluetooth dongle thinking i could come up with a simple project for it. Unfortunately a similar thing happened trying to bring the bluetooth interface up i get a read time error. As a young student and someone starting off in embedded development this really leaves a sour taste in my mouth that makes me not want to work with any TI products. If you are working on a fix for this let the community know about it and not leave us in the dark. 

Christopher Campbell

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    Would suggest to use latest kernel tree below which has usb driver updated. This should make camera working.


    On bluetooth, would you try below;

    1) Disable USB DMA at drivers->USB support->Inventra-> select [*] Disable DMA  and see if this solves the issue which would confirm the issue to be due to DMA otherwise there may be some setup issue.


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    This indeed fixed my problem both with the webcam and the Bluetooth module. Though since this is a known issue with the usb stack I would assume the DMA would be disabled from the start, at least until there is a reliable fix available. 

    Thank you just the same A.J

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    In the a roadmap to fix USB DMA issues for the upcoming release of AM335x-PSP? We are users of BeagleBone (Rev. A5 mostly) and we are also facing problems when we use more than 3 3G USB modems connected to D-Link USB hub. Symptoms that we are facing is unability to establish a PDP context, ~50% packet loss, "busy" messages in dmesg from musb driver and similar. CONFIG_MUSB_PIO_ONLY=Y and CONFIG_PREEMPT=Y and it does solve the problem for only some time after reboot.

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