Hardware Encryption in am335xevm board

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            I am using am335xevm development board for development purpose.In that i want to use file encryption and decryption using hardware in development board.I found that  Security Accelerator engine is used in am335xevm board for cryptography and driver also existed in kernel.

 =>Can anyone tell me procedure of encrypting a file in am335xevm board using hardware Accelerator engine.

=>Please share with  your ideas if any body have done hardware encryption in this board.

Question here is

1.Would write a program for encryption or decryption ?after enabling the driver?

2.Can we directly encrypt a file using driver?  If yes,please give me the example of encryption.

3.Where to find examples of hardware encryption using TI boards?

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  • Hi Senthamilarasi,

    Have you checked out the crypto demos provided in the SDK under the path TI_SDK_DIR/example-applications/ti-crypto-examples-git/AES.

    The example encrypts and decrypts a 10M file using AES256 and decrypts it. The example usese OpenSSL 1.0.0j that is shipped iwth the target filesystem.

    You can also see the performance improvements that can be seen from AES hardware accelerated encryption on the following wiki article:




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