• Resolved

PP-SALB-EVM: No Access to Software anymore

Part Number: PP-SALB-EVM

Hello, I have a problem related to PurePath Console 3 Apps. Some time ago I used it successfully, downloaded the Learningboard and the TAS5766M_Dual App, everythin worked fine.

Today I installed it on another computer and logged in to my TI account but there wasn't any App I could install - also after reboot, logout on the other computer, nothing. 
I realized that there was an update for the Learning Board which I also could not install (on the first computer where everything worked fine).

I also tried to uninstall (for testing purposes) the I2C stuff but it didn't appear after deinstallation anymore anywhere.

Regarding to the mySecure Software page I still should have access to "PurePath Console Graphical Development Suite" and "EVM boards and Software for PurePath Smart Amp TAS5766M"

I'm really looking forward you can help me.
Best wishes.