PCM1862EVM: PPC can not be recognized as PCM1862

Part Number: PCM1862EVM

I am verifying PCM1862 with PCM186x EVM

PPC (v2.1 rev 35934) does not detect PCM1862 even when connecting with EVM via USB. It is recognized as PCM1860/1.
So the window of RESISTOR does not OPEN.

The settings of the MD pin of the PCM1862 and the JUMPER of the EVM are as follows.

PCM1862 pins: MD 0 = Lo, MS = Lo, SCL = I 2 C, SDA = I 2 C, GPIO 0/1/2/3 = open
EVM: J8 / J11 = installed, Xtal: open

Could you give me any advice?PCM1862 picture.pdf

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