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TPA3220EVM-MICRO: CLIP_OTW LED flickering and output switching "on/off"

Part Number: TPA3220EVM-MICRO


I am having issues with the TPA3220 EVM MICRO. I set everything up according to the quick start instructions in the user guide, using 5 ohm resistors as a load. Connecting a signal at 1kHz with amplitude (10mV ... 150mV), I get the following behavior:

  • CLIP_OTW LED is flickering (increases with input amplitude).
  • Measuring (differentially) the output voltage across the load, I see that the output is switched of every 2 ms for 1.5 ms or so. A screenshot of the scope is attached.
  • even when setting the input amplitude to 0, I observe this 'switching'. But no LED flickering. (second screenshot)

Is the device broken, or what could be the reason for this strange behavior?

Thank you very much for any help.

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No input signal: