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CCS/TPA3002D2: TPA3002D2 application

Part Number: TPA3002D2

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Dear all expert :

                          if we want to use one channel speaker to TPA3002D2, is it any problem ?

                          How to make schematic ? if just use one channel , could we remove non use channel component ?

  • Hi Dustin,
    This device doesn't support PBTL mode, so you can only use on channel and disable the other one for mono application. For the unused channel, you could connect the input pins to GND by 1uF caps. Please reserve the bootstrap caps for the unused channel and LC filter is NOT needed.
    This is a very old device, please consider our new products TPA3136D2 or TPA3138D2 - they have low BOM cost and better performance.
    Best regards,
    Shawn Zheng