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TLV320AIC3268: Purepath Studio GDE (Graphical Development Environment V.5.95) Install issue

Part Number: TLV320AIC3268


My client wants to install the Purepath Studio GDE (Graphical Development Environment V.5.95) tool to test the TLV320AIC3268.

However, during installation, the following message will be displayed and installation will not proceed anymore.

I have already installed Purepath Studio GDE (V5.95) a few months ago.
However,Today, I tried to install it again with the file I installed earlier ,but the same message as above appears.How do I install the program without the above message?
Do you have any computer setup required to install Purepath Studio GDE (V5.95)?
Please help me.

Thank you

Best Regards

From Anthony

  • Hi, Anthony,

    The minimum installation requirements for PPS are not very complicated to meet nowadays, please refer to below.

    • 700 MHz PC
    • 512 MB RAM
    • Windows 2000 SP4 or later or
    • .Net Framework 2.0 (SP1 is recommended)
    • 1024x768 display with 16 bit color
    • USB Port
    • OS: Windows XP SP1 or later

    The message you are getting is not common, but seems like the installer cannot be read by the wizard, which points to a possible file corruption or permission issues. If you are using the installer that worked for you before, I don't think the issue is related to a file corruption, but you can try downloading again the setup file. Have you tried running the installer as administrator and in compatibility mode?.

    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Diego Melendez:

    I'm having the same issue. Running as administrator and compatibility mode does not help. The version for the pcm3070 installs fine but the portable audio version seems to be corrupted.
    Best regards,
  • In reply to Richard Kuenzler:

    Hi, Rich,

    Have you tried to download again the installer?. We have seen some issues where a network issue could corrupt the installer when downloading. If that doesn't work, I can send a working-version of the installer, for that please contact me via e2e friendship request and send me your email address. 

    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Diego Melendez:

    I downloaded it on a different network and it worked there, so I just copied the file over to the computer I want to install on.  This time it installed. Thanks!