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CCS/TMDSOSKL137: TMDSOSKL137 using TLV320AIC3106(Audio codec), How can I "separately" receive and control two signals from two microphones in ccs?

Part Number: TMDSOSKL137

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hello, I'm again.....

I'm using TMDSOSKL137 [[[ using TLV320AIC3106(Audio codec)]]] for sound separation system.

I found just one DOUT in TLV320AIC3106 datasheet, that is, I got just mixed signal from two microphones....:(

but I really hope "separately" receive and control two signals from two microphones in ccs.

How can I do this?... could you give me any suggestion??


  • Sonmook,

    Can you explain what you mean?  

    The DOUT will always have both channels unless one is disabled.

    Note that there are 6 unique inputs on the codec and only 2 ADCs.  Take a look at the block diagram from the Datasheet:

    Which inputs are you using? 

    best regards,

    -Steve Wilson

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    Steve Wilson,

    I use Linein(1) and MIC3  in Document(file p.22)

    You can see just one DOUT, but you mean that I can control DOUTL and DOUTR??

    I couldn't find the DOUT control register....... How can I control DOUTL and DOUTR??

    What I understood output from many documents is DOUT is the final output of TLV320AIC3106.

    This DOUT is summation of DOUTL and DOUTR...

    But what I really want to get is MIC signal and Linein signal same time.

    Because I have to compare and correlation between two signals at the same time...


  • In reply to SONMOOK OH:


    DOUT is the audio serial interface output.  It is not a summation of DOUTL and DOUTR.  Take a look at the DOUT for I2S mode:

    The Left Channel digital audio data is transmitted after the falling edge of WCLK, and the right channel is transmitted after the rising edge of WCLK.   

    The Schematic you sent shows both Line1L and Line1R being used, and mic3L and Mic3R are also being used.   If that is the case, you are using 4 different inputs, and there are only 2 ADCs, the left and right inputs are likely being summed. meaning that Line1L and Mic3L are getting summed and Line1R and Mic3R are getting summed.  is that what you are experiencing?

    best regards,

    -Steve Wilson

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    Yeah... that's right...

    But i  want to receive each micin and line in data separately  at the same time. Because i have to use time difference of arrival from sound source  for sound separation....

    So, could you give me any suggestions ...?

    What else can i try...?

    Plz help...

  • In reply to SONMOOK OH:


    You cannot receive 4 inputs individually with a 2 channel ADC. You either need to use an additional ADC like the TLV320ADC3100, or you need a codec with 4 ADCs, like the TLV320AIC34. Or you need a 4 channel ADC like the PCM1864 paired with a digital input HP/lineout amp like the TLV320DAC23.

    Best regards,
    -Steve Wilson