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TPA3255: TPA32XX single-ended input stage

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Part Number: TPA3255

Hello, when i design a pcb for a tpa32xx serie chip, can i without any problems (just i assume i should get i get a weaker output signal as stated) connect the A and D inputs to a single-ended source in BTL mode (A pin to right channel input and D pin to left channel input) and B and C pins to dc blocking capacitors of an equal value than the A and D pins (10uf) to ground (like it is possible with tpa3116 amplifier or tpa3220/3221 amplifiers)?

Or did i am forced to use a single-ended to differencial output converter made with op amps (that increase the cost and degrade the sound quality but allow me to get the full output power and; maybe depending by the noise floor level of op amps, to get less output noise, because the inputs are differencial)?