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TLV320AIC3104: TLV320AIC3104EVM : can't get analog input bypass to work

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3104


I have a Texas TLV320AIC3104EVM board and am trying to connect the LINE2R input to RIGHT_LOP using the analog input bypass pathway as per section 10.4 of the datasheet.

So in the 'Bypass Paths' tab I select 'LINE2R - Bypass' which generates a message in the 'Command Buffer' tab :

            w 30 6C 80

As I understand the data sheet correctly, this should result in the signal I put into MIC2R/LINE2R coming out at RIGHT_LOP.

But I get nothing out which I don't know why.

The other issue is the command sent down the I2C, hex 80 is sent to register 108 but the data sheet, page 74, says bit 7 is reserved and bit 6 should be set to enable LINE2R bypass.

Is the data sheet in error?

Any help would be appreciated.