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Linux/TLV320AIC3100: We cannot change registers values permanently

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3100

Tool/software: Linux

Dear Sirs,

We are using this device in our UI for new three family project: Oven, Blast Chiller and Washing machine.
We have developed UI that use iMX6 UL from NXP and use the TI TLV320AIC3100 for audio feature, and we are using Kernel Linux 3.14.52 with last version of TI driver for TLV.

When we play a sound after a pause, there is a 'Bump' before the sound itself.
We believe we have found the solution by changing the value of some registers.
The problem is that, even if we can change the value of the registers, when we play a sound the system resets them to the default value.

How can we modify the registers value?

Thank you very much