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LME49600: LME49600 alternatives

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Part Number: LME49600

Hello TI,

I have a client that wants to us to design a consumer headphone amplifier.

We are researching the IC LME49720 at the TI website and is reviewing this,  LME49600 Headphone Amplifier Evaluation Board LME49600TSBD (ACTIVE).

However the BOM is too costly, thereof looking for alternative ICs.

So we are review the IC LM4562, LME49720 and LME49860, however we need to find an alternative for the BUFFER - IC LME49600?

QUESTION: What are the comparable alternatives can you all recommend for the IC LME49600?

We are reviewing the RC4580 and the NJM4556! We need a TI solution, thanks.

Looking for a cost effective solution.

Thank you for your support.

Neil Henry