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TAS5825M: How to Send FAULT# and WARN# on OCP and OTP Events

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Part Number: TAS5825M

Hi Sirs,

We are supporting customers to implement interrupt outputs of FAULT# and WARN# based on reference design on TAS5825 datasheet figure 151.
However, the GPIO0 and GPIO2 are not able to send interrupt outputs on abnormal conditions of over current and over temperature. 

w 98 60 07 # Set B0x00 / P0x00 / R0x60 |= 0x05 (GPIO0 & GPIO2 = Output)
w 98 61 0b # Set B0x00 / P0x00 / R0x61 = 0x0b (GPIO0 = FAULTZ)
w 98 62 09
w 98 63 08 # Set B0x00 / P0x00 / R0x63 = 0x08 (GPIO2 = WARNZ)
w 98 74 10 # Set B0x00 / P0x00 / R0x74 = 0x10 (Mask Clock Fault Report)

Would you please provide tips to write CFG to hook OCT and OTP events to FAULT# and WARN# on GPIO0 and GPIO2?


Thank you and Best regards,

Wayne Chen

  • Hi Wayne,

    Seems your configuration is correct. Did you have a chance to read back these registers' value after initialization?

    What's more, when system OC / OT happens, it's better to read back 0x70 registers to confirm which fault actually happens.

    I will try to reproduce with TAS5825M EVM tomorrow, and keep you updated later.



  • Hi Wayne,

    TAS5825M EVM with your script is verified, and the OC FAULT is successfully reported.

    Do you have a chance to test it?


  • In reply to Matthew Miao:

    Hello Matthew, Thanks a lot. The CFG works for OC on my EVM, however, I failed to trigger OT by a heating gun. Would you pls assist us to simulate OT conditions? ... Wayne Chen

  • In reply to Wayne Chen (ODM FAE):

    Hi Wayne,

    Basically OT case can be reproduced by large output power. Such as Datasheet Figure 51 condition:

    18V PVDD, 2*4ohm load, BD, 768kHz, 1kHz, 10W ~ 20W output.

    Read back temperature warning and fault status, and check GPIO output.