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TLV320AIC3111: Unable to receive I2S output when controlled using I2C

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3111


We have developed a code on PPS-GDE to perform filtering on analog microphone input and output it on the speaker left channel, headphones and I2S channels. Using a digital oscilloscope(image below) and recording on Audacity, we were able to verify I2S output and filtering according to our needs. The red is the WCLK and Yellow is DOUT.

We then generated a header file on PPS and used I2C to the header instructions through the I2C channel. On doing so, we are getting an audio output on speaker and headphones but it seems like the output is not filtered and we are not getting any kind of output on the I2S channel DOUT as shown on the oscilloscope or Audacity as below. The red is the WCLK and Yellow is DOUT. As you can see, nothing is being transmitted on the DOUT line of I2S.

Below is my PFW on PPS-GDE. Also, I have attached the header file generated and Configuration file data. I suspect that the miniDSP A and D need to be turned on or enabled somehow when we use a master microcontroller or there is some standby mode that is handled by PPS by default but needs to be looked at by the user when using a microcontroller. I am using the paper titled 'Using the MSP430 Launchpad as a Standalone I2C Host' for designing the I2C code.

for Audio Products'

Config file


Header file generated by PPS


Any insight or help will be greatly appreciated!


  • Souvik, 

    I'm not sure I understand your issue.  Purepath studio uses I2C to talk to your device, and it exports the same configuration that it writes.

    are you saying that you don't get any sound while the I2C is writing?  or are you saying that you don't get sound when you write to the device from your processor instead of PPS?

    best regards,

    -STeve Wilson

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    I'm not getting an i2s output when the codec is being controlled by an external processor. Also the audio output I get through the speakers and headphones doesn't sound filtered like it does when controlled using PPS.

  • In reply to Souvik Saha:


    Are the clock frequencies the same as they are on the EVM?  or did you change them to match the clocks coming from the External processor?

    best regards,

    -STeve Wilson

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    I'm not too sure about this.  I haven't supplied any external clocks from the processor and I've still got the USB-MODEVM connected, which is flashed at 44.1kHz.

    I've only connected gnd scl and sck between the evm and the processor.

    Right now, I urgently require the codec to give filtered output on speaker and headphone, while it is being controlled by the processor on the i2c bus (i2c clock rate is 400kHz).

  • In reply to Souvik Saha:


    Purepath Studio would put the required register writes in the .h file.  have you checked by reading some registers to ensure that they are actually being written?

    best regards,

    -Steve wilson