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looking for pop suppression device

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Dear expert,

Did we have audio amp with pop suppression function? Customer can change speaker spec based on our audio amp solution.(~2W speaker)

If we don't have device integrated this function, did we have app notes about this topic. 



  • Hi, Ben,

    We don't have an app note about the pop removal yet. We are planning to release one document about this but it will take some time.

    The pop issue can be different from device to device and usually it is related to the impedance mismatch at the analog inputs. Also, the bias capacitors are normally involved to this kind of issues. In general, we recommend to reduce the output and input time-on and time-off.

    There are some specific devices with depop circuitry like the TPA0211 (2W mono audio power amp). However, the most part of the audio amplifiers pop issues are solved with external circuitry to eliminate the impedance mismatch and reduce the time-on and time-off of the circuit. Additionally, the power supplies must be correctly regulated to avoid any kind of ripple.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.

  • In reply to Luis Fernando Rodriguez S.:

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I found there is a TTL control circuit at mute pin in TPA1517 figure25.

    Is this solution suitable for every audio amp device which with mute pin? If yes, which device your recommend.



  • In reply to Ben Kuo:

    Hi, Ben,

    Unfortunately, this circuit array is only suggested for this device (TPA1517) since its internal mute and output architecture is different from the other amps families. 

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.