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TAS5754M: TAS575x SPKIN as a general input

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Part Number: TAS5754M

Hi - I'm successfully using TAS5754 now, but I wanted to add the possibility to have an analogue line-in. The DAC_OUT / SPKIN are routed to a 3.5mm jack and it works perfectly as a line-out. I'd like to put the DAC in a sort of High-Z mode and now feed the analogue amplifier with an external input. I could not find in the manual a way to have the DAC_OUT in high impedance to avoid conflict with my external source

  • Hi Philippe,

    When TAS5754M was designed, we didn't expect that the DAC_OUT would connect to a 3.5mm jack.  As far as I as know, I don't see there is a way to put the DAC output in HiZ.  I can double-check with our design team.  Let you know if there exists a way to do that. 


  • In reply to Andy Liu SH:

    Thanks Andy - That would be great of there was a solution!


  • In reply to philippe_44:

    I have not heard back from my design team. I will make a phone call to them if necessary.

  • In reply to philippe_44:

    Hello Philippe,

    There doesn't seem to be a clear way to output High-Z from the internal DAC, we would recommend that you modify your design externally.

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Luis Fernandes de Pina:

    Thanks Luis, Andy - I cannot change my design unfortunately, I don't have enough space to add what would be needed to provide that option. That's fine, I won't propose this feature. The TAS575x is a very good chip anyway