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TLV320AIC3104: Question about headphone output and schematic

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Part Number: TLV320AIC3104

About TLV320AIC3104's HPROUT and HPLOUT, are below external R & C need to connect?

If need, please let me know about mean of connect.

Or, is only use 47μF no problem? 

Please see below schematic and let me know if there the other correction point.

(Unused input will set 0.47 and AGND)

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  • Hello Satoshi,

    The low pass filter used in the above image is to get rid of Out of Band Noise. It is highly recommended but if you are okay with a noisy output, then you don't need the filter. If you'd like more info on Out of Band Noise, you can look through this application note

    As for the schematic, yes the MIC1LM/MIC1RM should be connected to GND via a .47uF cap. I would add bypass caps on the supplies and make sure they are connected close to the device.