//PLL  48KHz//
        I2C1_Write(3,0x81);            //PLL_EN=1(D7),PLL_Q=0(D6-D3),PLL_P=1(D2-D0)    
        I2C1_Write(8,0xd0);            //BCLK&WCLK output
        I2C1_Write(4,0x20);            //PLL_J=8(D7-D2)
        I2C1_Write(5,0x1e);            //PLL_D_MSB(D7-D0) D=1920-----48k
        I2C1_Write(6,0x00);            //PLL_D_LSB(D7-D2)
        I2C1_Write(11,0x01);        //PLL_R=1(D2-D0)

        I2C1_Write(2,0x00);            //Fs = Fs(ref)
        I2C1_Write(12,0x44);        //Left-ADC high-pass filter frequency = 0.0045 Fs,Left-DAC de-emphasis filter enabled
        I2C1_Write(17,0x0f);        //route Mic2L to the Left ADC, 0dB,
        I2C1_Write(19,0x7c);        //Left-ADC channel is powered up
        I2C1_Write(15,0x28);        //unmute Left PGA, set gain to 20 dB
        I2C1_Write(7,0x0A);            //Left-DAC data path plays left-channel input data
        I2C1_Write(37,0x80);        //Left DAC is powered up, HPLCOM configured as differential of HPLOUT        
        I2C1_Write(43,0x00);        //The left-DAC channel is not muted,0db
        I2C1_Write(47,0x80);        //DAC_L1 is routed to HPLOUT,0db
        I2C1_Write(14,0x80);        //Programs high-power outputs for ac-coupled driver configuration
        I2C1_Write(51,0x0f);        //HPLOUT is not muted,HPLOUT is fully powered up,0db

Thanks ahead!