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       When I flow the document”Analog, Active Crossover Circuit for Two-Way Loudspeakers (TIDU035-December 2013-Revised December 2013) “by John Caldwell. The Figure 4 in page 5, the red curve is the room acoustic effects. So, what is the room size in this simulation by Baffle Diffraction and Boundary Simulator v1.2? Height above Floor? Distance from Rear Wall? Distance from Size Wall? 

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  • Hi user5889665,
    I am not sure what settings John Caldwell used for the room response simulation. From what I see in TIDU035, the design does correct for the baffle diffraction of the of the loudspeaker, but I don't see any mention in the design of correcting for room response. If you intend to use the speakers in a particular application (always in a fairly consistent location within a room, for example), I'd use the measurements from that configuration for the room response simulation and design the crossover accordingly.


    Alex Davis

    Precision Amplifier Applications - TI Tucson