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PCM9211: eARC Questions

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Part Number: PCM9211

Hi, Team,

A customer considers to use PCM9211 as eARC receiver. I have a basic questions.

- Do we need software to control PCM9211?
- Do you have the sample code for PCM9211?
- Is there a reference schematic of PCM9211 eARC configuration?

Best Regards,
Satoshi Yone

  • Hi Satoshi-san,
    Can you please give us more details on the eARC use case?
    From our internal studies, we do know that the PCM9211 can handle the ARC (HDMI 1.4) format but enhanced ARC(eARC) may be not not be fully compatible w eARC handling.

    As far as the SW to control PCM9211, we do have GUI which allows us to configure the device that is provided w the EVM. I can provide the same to you as well in alternate way.

    We can use the GUI for device config, or I can assist you w specific routing of the signals for given use case.

    We do not have any reference SCH at the moment. Thanks.

    Best regards,