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TPA3255: Need thermal suggestion

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Part Number: TPA3255

Hi Experts, 

We paralleled two TPA3255 to get more TX power, but have thermal issue (IC keep restart).

Could you advise us for thermal grease?

and if we use thermal grease with 4.5w/mk, is it enough to avoid thermal issue?


  • Hello Derek,

    What is the output power you are trying to run at, and how long is held at your peak power? Is your heatsink a similar size to the EVM?

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Luis Fernandes de Pina:

    Hello Derek

    Was your problem resolved? If not can you provide the above information?

  • hello Derek,

       you need to provide us PVDD, load and schematic detailed info. so our team can help you to evaluate power loss, then can go further check heatsink design related questions.