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LM49352: LM49352 ref designs/EVM and integration into a linux system

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Part Number: LM49352

I am interested in the LM49352 codec. Is there any additional information / reference design or an EVM?

Important for us is the software integration into our Linux system. Is there any application notes / finished code for this case?
If there are suitable alternatives for this use case please make a proposal. Thanks.
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  • Alen, 

    There was an old EVM, but it was discontinued.  I still have some of them, but unfortunately the control software is rather out of date and doesn't work windows 7 or 10. 

    I've been able to use the EVM by using Jumpers to our other Motherboards,  but this isn't particularly convenient.  If it would be helpful to have one of these boards,  I would be happy to send it your way.

    Regarding linux drivers,  we do not have one for the LM4935x devices.  please feel free to contact me directly if you believe this opportunity would justify some action on that front. 

    The TLV320AIC3107 does have a driver and is pretty similar to the LM49352.  The driver is quite old however,  and is now in the hands of the linux community.  TI doesn't provide driver support. 

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    -Steve Wilson