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TAS5806MEVM: confused with EVM board setup

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Part Number: TAS5806MEVM

Hi - I just finished a TAS5754/6 design and I wanted to do an upgrade with the TAS5806. I'm a bit confused by the filtering looking at the schematics and the EVM. 

The TAS575xEVM shows a BTL with 2x22uF on PVDD and a 4.7uH speaker output filtering inductor while the PBTL shows a much larger 390µF on PVDD as well as a larger 10uH inductor, which makes sense.

Now TAS5806EVM shows 2 designs as well, but they both seem to be BTL and one has a set of 2x22uF on PVDD and uses a small ferritebed for output filtering where the other design is a BTL as well but shows a 4.7µH inductor for output and a very large 390µF on PVDD. Meanwhile, the datasheet only shows the 390µF/4.7µH combination

So if they are both BTL, what's the recommendation?


  • When we designed this TAS5806MEVM, our software team required that the bottom device (U2) could work in both BTL and PBTL. That's why you see the two big 390µF caps on PVDD.

    TAS5754MDCAEVM is different. The bottom device on it only works in PBTL.


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    Thank you Andy - So if I want to do a BTL, I can move back to smaller capacitor and still be ok. I think I'll re-use the value I have for the 575x design then

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    Are you talking about the 2x22uF and 1x0.1uF caps on PVDD? Yes. Actually, both TAS5756MDCAEVM and TAS5825MEVM use these caps on PVDD. 

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    Yes I mean it's a BTL design so I'll use simply 2x22µF + 100nF decoupling on each PVDD, I will not use 22uF + big 390uF electrolytic + 100nF

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    Thank you for your confirmation.

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    Thank you very much for you super fast support