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TAS2505: CodecControl register questions

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Part Number: TAS2505

In the example configuration in CodecControl application for TAS2505EVM there are lines described as LDAC / RDAC channel configuration (register page = 0x00):

Writing to register 0x3F: data 0xB0 means 1011 0000. D5=1; D4=1 -> datasheet says: “DAC data is picked from Mono Mix of Left and Right”, but in the script comment it is written that only LDAC is used.


Writing to register 0x40: data 0x04 means 0000 0100. D2=1 -> datasheet says: “Reserved…”, but in the script comment it is written that it means “Right DAC muted”.

Can you advise how to read this correctly?

Thank you.

  • Hi, Bart,

    The comments in the script have typo errors since they were based on stereo devices. The TAS2505 is a mono device and its registers configuration is the same than the left channel DAC. The right channel DAC is not available in this device.

    Please ignore the comments about the right DAC. The registers related to the DAC setup are correct in the TAS2505 Reference Guide.

    Let me know if you have additional questions or comments.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.