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TAS5414C: IC Pin1 Marking and Thermal Pad Footprint

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Part Number: TAS5414C

A customer is looking to use the TAS5414C-Q1 in a design and have a few concerns. It appears that there is a dot indicator for the pin1, but there is also a dent on the bottom side of the package. Which is the actual pin1 indicator?

Also, we understand that this device was designed for a top thermal pad with a heat slug, but why do the layout instructions in the app notes for the device say to have a GND thermal pad on the bottom of the board when there is no pad on the IC package?



  • Hi Matt,

    The marking is the dot next to the exposed thermal pad.  The one in the mold on the bottom is to be ignored.

    The heatsink which is in contact with the heatslug should be grounded to the system ground. 

    Gregg Scott
    Senior Application Engineer
    Mid Power Audio Amplifiers