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TAS3251EVM: There is no music output

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Part Number: TAS3251EVM


 When  TAS3251EVM is setten to BTL mode and connect to PPC3 in 2.0 mode and standard processing 2.0 96K audio mode. I only connnet the rigth channel with a speaker.

When i play music in the audio player at the top of PPC3, there is no music from the speaker. I use the hardware check process and appear below problem, can you help to check ? And my EVM is setten as below picture. 

  • Hi Aggil,

    Are you using the USB as the source for your input signal? Based on the image it appears so.


    Robert Clifton

  • Hi Aggil,

    Please also double check the EVM configuration(like jumpers, switches...) with the quick start guide on EVM User's guide.



  • In reply to Robert Clifton56:

    Hi Robert

    Yes, i play the music by the computer. 

  • In reply to Hao(MPAA) Zhang:

    Hi Hao

     I check the switches and jumpers many times following table 1 from TAS3251's use's guide . 

  • In reply to aggil liang:

    Hi Aggil,

    Did you also press the input button to make sure that it's on USB? Based on the picture you sent it doesn't appear so.


    Robert Clifton