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Simple audio A/D to digital SPDIF output

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I am looking for a simple standalone solution for converting an analog stereo input signal, into a serial SPDIF and optical TOSLINK output that will be compatible with normal digital inputs on modern a/v hifi equipment.

Is there a nice one or two chip solution, maybe with a full schmatic, it must not need usb control to work or microcontrolers to do magic......just pure analouge in, and serial SPDIF and optical TOSLINK out.

Thanks for the help,

Martin olesen


  • Hello Martin,

    I think the PCM9211 will do the trick. This device will allow you to utilize the ADC without the using MCU. Please refer to the following E2E post for some more insight.

    Hope this helps!



  • In reply to Aaron Estrada51:

    Hi Aaron,

    Great, thanks for the answer, and the link to the other user, it seemed that he asked about the same.

    One question, it is described some software to "setup" the PCM9211......i do not excately understand what is means.......do i need to somehow program some kind og "routing" in the PCM9211 to do what i want, or can i just buy the chip, and then make it do what i want by meanes of hardware......meaning do the right selection of the pins on the chip?

    I think what i am after is a ready made schmatic with the PCM9211 that do my standalone analouge in and SPDIF out, that i can make a pcb and it will work...:-))


  • In reply to Martin Olesen:

    Hi Martin,

    In this case, the only routing needed is done externally through hardware and mentioned in the post linked above. Upon power up, the registers are set to default and allow for analog in -> I2S -> SPDIF out.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a schematic that will fit exactly what you are looking for but we do offer the CAD symbol if you are interested. If you are following the previous post, this is essentially just power up and externally route.