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TPA6211A1-Q1: external load diagnostics

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Part Number: TPA6211A1-Q1

Hello experts,

My customer is considering an external load diagnostics circuit (especially open detection) for TPA6211A1-Q1. I found a below TI-Design and application note. They are for class-D amplifier but I think it also enable for class-AB amplifier. Is my understanding correct? If it is not, can you provide an external load diagnostic circuit for TPA6211A1-Q1?

- TIDA-01529: Figure 11 Diagnostic Circuit #2 Schematic

- SLVA824: Class-D Amplifier External Load Diagnostics

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  • Hello, Fujiwara-san,

    I will take a look at this and will answer as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.

  • Hi Fujiwara-san,

    These diagnostic circuits can be used for TPA6211A1-Q1 as well, just make sure to change the supply voltage reference if using Diagnostic Circuit #2 from TIDA-01529, it should be the same as TPA6211A1-Q1 VDD.

    Best regards,
    -Ivan Salazar
    Applications Engineer - Low Power Audio & Actuators