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TAS3251: Questions about Volume settings in Process Flow 1

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Part Number: TAS3251

Dear Support team,

Our customer will use TAS3251 in their application.
They program Process Flow 1 on the TAS3251's DSP.
Please tell me about the Volume settings of Process Flow 1.

When using PPC3, the minimum volume setting is -110dB.
Book 0x8C Page 0x1E
Register 0x44 CH-L Volume 0x0000001b
Register 0x48 CH-R Volume 0x0000001b

Is it possible to mute by directly setting the following registers?

Use Process Flow 1
BQ Off(all through), DRC Off, AGL Off, Clipper Off

Book 0x8C Page 0x1E
Register 0x44 CH-L Volume 0x00000000
Register 0x48 CH-R Volume 0x00000000

Audio data is expected to be All 0 because it is multiplied by a coefficient of 0x00000000, is it correct?

Best Regards,
Hiroaki Masumoto

  • Hello Masumoto-san,

    Is there a reason why the customer wants to mute this way, normally we would recommend toggling Register 3 as outlined in in the TAS3251 datasheet if they want to mute.

    Best Regards,