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TAS2505: About Standby Mode

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Part Number: TAS2505

In TAS2505 Application Reference Guide section Standby Mode, it is described as follows. Does “all other blocks” mean IOVDD supply? In Section 3.1.2, Power On Sequence 2, the sequence is to turn on AVDD and DVDD after turning on IOVDD. Is it safe to disconnect or connect IOVDD while AVDD and DVDD or SPKVDD is on? Is it okay to keep SDA and SCL pulled up with IOVDD disconnected for the interface with HOST PROCESSOR in Figure 1-3? When IOVDD is disconnected, is the output signal DOUT from TAS2505 required to be pulled down? best regards
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    My colleague will take a look at this and will answer as soon as possible.

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  • Hello, 

    In the TAS2505 Application Reference Guide, Section Standby mode, "all other blocks" is referring to IOVDD. 

    It is safe to connect/disconnect IOVDD while AVDD/DVDD/SPKVDD are on. Are you generating AVDD/DVDD externally or through the internal LDO? 

    It is okay to keep SCL and SDA pulled up with IOVDD, even if it is not powered on as shown in Figure 1-3. 

    Are you using DOUT? If not, it can be left floating. 

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    It is not an internal LDO.
    Does pin processing change depending on whether it is an internal LDO or not?

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    I was asking if you were providing the AVDD/DVDD with the internal LDO because if you do then AVDD/DVDD are powered on at the same time as SPKVDD. 

    The pin processing does not depend on the internal LDO. 

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    Carolina Gomez