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TPA3130D2EVM: Recommendation for ferrite bead

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Part Number: TPA3130D2EVM

In the TPA3130D2 EVM, the Panasonic EXCELDR35C ferrite bead is used. Since this part is discontinued, is there any recommendation for a replacement? Maybe also SMD, if the performance is good enough.

  • Hi Markus,

    We suggest the replacement is HI1812V101R-10, FERRITE BEAD SMD1812 125 OHM@100MHz 8A.



  • Hi Markus,

    If no other questions, I will close the E2E.

    If you have other questions, please submit E2E to us.

  • In reply to Yanming Gong:

    Thanks, I ordered some for testing, but you may go ahead and close this thread already now.