PCM6340-Q1: PCM6340 fault diagnostics machanism

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Part Number: PCM6340-Q1

Hi All,

For the PCM6240/PCM6340, it has the fault diagnostics function, like Open inputs/short inputs, short to ground/Vbat, etc.

How does these diagnostics function work, after enabling the diagnostics, does the device do the diagnostics continuously and real-time, or just diagnostics for one time, then it should be disabled for normal work? We see some other device th can't support real-time diagnostics during normal work condition, not sure about the work machanism of PCM6xx0 series. Thanks.

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Charles Zhang

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  • Hi Charles,

    There is a lot of flexibility in the diagnostics for this family of devices. The diagnostics can be monitored real time with live fault registers. Additionally, there are latched registers that will trigger once a fault has occurred and will remain latched until read so that transient faults can be captured as well. The interrupt pin as well as spare GPIOs can be configured to trigger upon detection of a fault so that you know when to check the registers. 

    There is more detail about the faults and interrupts in the datasheet and we are currently working on an application note that will explain the fault diagnostic features in more detail with some application examples.




    Zak Kaye
    Precision Amplifiers Applications