TAS2557: factorytest executable not running on Android 7 platform

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Part Number: TAS2557


I'm using the TI factorytest utility to generate the calibration file for the tas2557 codec.

I built the executable using the following sources https://git.ti.com/tas2557sw-android/tas2557dm-ftc/trees/master

It builds OK using the Android build environment but does not execute on the platform (iMX6 based custom platform).

I get the following error

CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "factorytest": /system/bin/factorytest: has text relocations

It looks like the problem is caused by the fact that the code has text relocations, possibly the pre-built library libftc.a

It seems the latest versions of Android do not allow text relocation and is aborting the executable.

Does this make sense and has anyone else seen this problem running the factorytest executable?



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