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Part Number: LM3886

Figure 35 of the LM3886 datasheet shows plot of output power vs power dissipation for different loads and different supply voltages at f = 1kHz. I want to know what a 3D graph as a function of frequency would look like.

Specifically can someone show me, or how would I determine, the power dissipation as a function of frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz with Vs being constant at 24V and output power being constant at 50W. Will Figure 35 be consistent from 20Hz to 20kHz?

  • From an audio perspective one should assume the power dissipation to be the same across the audio band. A 3D plot would be an interesting exercise, but would not yield any more data than you already have from the datasheet.

    Gregg Scott
    Senior Application Engineer
    Mid Power Audio Amplifiers