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TAS5782MEVM: Set up for Characterisation and Use of Smart amp Processing.

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Part Number: TAS5782MEVM

I am very confused by what is required to successfully generate characterisation file which can be applied to the TAS5782EVM for use in Smart amp processing.  

Initial assumption is that Learning board 1 (LB1  /  PP-SALB-EVM) is needed as it lists TAS5782 as compatible hardware.  http://www.ti.com/tool/PP-SALB-EVM

Question 1:

Is it the case that PP-SALB-EVM is stand alone hardware i.e. connect Mic and speaker to - PP-SALB-EVM then connect to the PP-SALB-EVM via USB using PPC3 running on Windows Machine? Nothing else needed?  

Using the setup process in Learning Board software,  a characterisation file is generated that can then be loaded into the TAS5782 EVM software running on PPC3?  (obviously PP-Motherboard Console and TAS5782MEVM hardware required).

(I had been confused by this because despite the list of supported EVM board at the top of the PP-SALB-EVM page, namely (TAS5825MEVMTAS3251EVMTAS5782MEVMTAS5766MDCAEVM) , when you read the rest of the webpage only two devices are cited

" Works with these devices: TAS5766MRMT (QFN) and TAS5766MDCA (TSSOP)". And when reading the user guide (REV D).  Different sets of devices are listed as target hardware with no further mention of the initially stated compatible hardware). 

My Problem is that I have TAS5782EVM as well as DV stage builds of a product including TAS5782, but PP-SALB-EVM is no longer in production - I may be able to borrow one of these from a colleagues, but am also searching for alternatives. 

Question 2: 

If I was to have PP-SALB2 -EVM  - (LEARNING BOARD 2) as well as one of the compatible EVM modules. ( TAS2555YZEVMTAS2557EVM and TAS2559EVM.)

Then could I use the characterisation file generated to load into TAS5782 EVM? Or are the characterisation files from PP-SALB-EVM and PP-SALB2-EVM different in some way that makes them incompatible? 

Just for clarity I understand the set up of PP-SALB2-EVM to be as follows: 

Connect Target EVM board and  PP-SALB2-EVM using ribbon cable and 34pin header on both boards, Microphone, Laser and adaptors also connect to PP-SALB2-EVM. Then PP-SALB2-EVM connects via USB to PPC3 on computer. (PP-Motherboard- not required)?