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PCM2906C: If PCM2906C can support Linux OS?

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Part Number: PCM2906C

Hi team,

My customer wants to find a device that can convert USB digital audio signal to analog audio signal. I find PCM2906C might be proper here. But in customer's system, the USB host side is a Linux OS. So can you help check if PCM2906C can support Linux OS?

If it cannot, do we have any other proper device that can support Linux OS or do you have any Linux driver reference code? Thanks

Best regards,


  • Hi Wayne,

    The PCM2906 enumerates as a USB audio codec, which is typically natively supported by all operating systems. I don't think there would be any issues interfacing with linux, but I don't have a linux system to test this on. They could use an EVM to test this in their system.




    Zak Kaye
    Precision Amplifiers Applications