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LMX2571: LMX2571 & spur (subharmonic) 1/2*Fout, -52dBc

Part Number: LMX2571

Dear colleagues

On Evaluation Module "LMX2571EVM" (www.ti.com/.../lmx2571evm) I see spur with frequency of Fout/2 (subharmonic) and level - 52dBc.
Also I see harmonics of frequency of operation of the phase detector with level - 75dBc.
From where do they undertake?

The output spectrum at generation frequency 1008 MHz (OSCin=20MHz, Fpd=120MHz, N=21.0, CDIV=5):

TICSPRO-SW settings:

TICS_Rg 2018-11-07 1008 120pd 4sd 2del 325uA 800 - F12.rar

Yours faithfully,