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CDCM9102: Does it suport External Oscillator input ?

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Part Number: CDCM9102


I have questions about CDCM9102.
My customer are planning to use CDCM9102 as PCIe clock generator.
They have following questions:

Does CDCM9102 support external oscillator input(3.3V)?
Or does it only support crystal input?
If external 25MHz oscillator input(3.3V) is supported,
are there any constraints and recommended conditions to input 25MHz oscillator externally?

In CDCM9102 datasheet(SCAS922A) page.4, it seems that the "TYPE" of folowing signals are not correct.
- OE : TYPE is O
- OS1: TYPE is O
- OS2: Type is O
Aren't they Input pins? Is it typo of datasheet?

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